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 Shednic app to be mod ! for Mrmime

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Shednic app to be mod ! for Mrmime Empty
PostSubject: Shednic app to be mod ! for Mrmime   Shednic app to be mod ! for Mrmime I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 11:31 am

[b][i]Dear Mr mime hello
im Shednic and im playing your server alot time.
im at higest rank and im love to help.
i want thet there will be alot players in the server and he will be the best one!
the server look great and im very want to make him more greater. i buy the game jest to play in the server
and i will keep playing. im entring alot and im online a day more then 2 houers in day allways.
im want to become mod and help players and news. i know commands of server and i was mod in 3 servers [=.
im good in building and follow rules. i will ban griefers and
will save the server from them.
my english very good so this will help more to me and to the server.
i wish thet i will be a mod [=
thx alot if i will [=
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Shednic app to be mod ! for Mrmime
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