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 Mime Read this This Opens All the secrets that was hidden from U

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PostSubject: Mime Read this This Opens All the secrets that was hidden from U   Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:18 am

Almost all ur members gone to my server
Conwia Said That he was hacked many times and u iped him For what mime :'(
Ur server was great And no one needed a Mod Or op Coz we had hell fun And i shall say thank u mime
I almost was going to Leave When dace0 went Coz hes my True buddy in sc3 no one else
And yes i was lightning abusing i said sorry alot of times But i didnt
Spawn items And go kill inoccent people in ther own houses like anthony did and he also breaked locks with // superpickaxe i didnt do that Sad
So yeah Peace.
Remeber Martor? He gived hes password to Dzepni IN 1.7.3 We was aka richest basterds in yo sc3
How did we got mistake op/mod?
Dzepni Gone to hes account manuadded us As op and mod
Dzepni Destroyed the whole area farway witch i didnt say And i didnt hack anyones accc
Dont blame me mime i didnt do shit i was only a person who played in ur server coz i liked minecraft
and i didnt want to be mod or admin coz i was ready to leave sc3 like everyone other did
Mime.... The "ONE" who greifted the spawn was lildevil i was talking to him in the skype he told me
that he greifted the top and the below
U added him to the region not me I was busy Hanging around with Azn While He was fucking ur spawn
U banned me For what? I didnt pvp abuse like anthony killing everyone with sword and bow I know java coding etc Well I cant stop u from Not beliveing me but i shall say this
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Mime Read this This Opens All the secrets that was hidden from U
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