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 Keima Ayasaki's Whitelist Submission

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Keima Ayasaki

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Keima Ayasaki's Whitelist Submission Empty
PostSubject: Keima Ayasaki's Whitelist Submission   Keima Ayasaki's Whitelist Submission I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:37 pm

In-Game Name: KeimaAyasaki
Location: IP: West Hills, California, United States
Reason to join: Mr. Mime is apparently putting up a whitelist now, and I need to be able to moderate.
What are you good at?: Running servers, building, Immediate Response for griefers, Helping people, you've seen what I helped with.
Your Interests: ...? Um... Manga, Anime, Minecraft, Manga, Anime, Manga, Manga, Manga, Anime, Minecraft.
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Keima Ayasaki's Whitelist Submission
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